Video Part #010

Steve Forstner – Antiz Z Movie (2007)

Steve Forstner – Antiz Z Movie (2007)

With this part came an offer to ride for Zero.

Steve turned the offer down but still took his gnarly skills Stateside to ollie the wedge bank to bank gap in Arizona.

Z Movie was Antiz’s second full length video inspired by cult movies. Steve got to play scenes from The Big Lebowski and frankly he did a pretty good job because he was the Dude over at Antiz.

Turning up the heat a few notches, Steve was one of the few European’s attacking double sets and gaps big enough to attention from the (American) industry. Steve opens the show by trying to ollie a 20 stair and stretches his ollie out to boardslide a massive Catalan bump to rail. It’s all very impressive stuff.

There are a few Baker-makers in there – notably the frontside blunt on that strange BMX quarter pipe thing near Barcelona, the bottom steel panel comes loose and Steve is wise to call it a day – but the accent is on the attempt.

Pushing himself further than ever before, the ender has enough hang time in it for the sweat to dry on Steve’s brow before landing at full velocity. Donnie would have been proud of the Dude.

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