Video Part #009

Richard Angelides – Rhythm Genesis (1997)

Richard Angelides – Rhythm Genesis (1997)

The figurative and literal switchstance superstar.

During the mid-Nineties two style gods, Guy Mariano and Keenan Milton, took gold and silver medals for switchstance skating. Richard Angelides took bronze. Featured in the infamous Rhythm Genesis video, Richard is the reason switch heelflips became de facto must-have tricks for every aspiring street skater. Likewise, the fully functional Adidas Superstars became de facto footwear of choice for aspiring street skaters.

Navigating his way through lines and towards spots, Richard is more often than not pushing switch mongo. There is nothing wrong with pushing switch mongo as long as you have the skills to back it up. Richard definitely has the skills, switch heelflipping into backside 5-0s or launching switch 360 flips over dirt gaps.

You might be wondering why I’m fawning over a load of switch heelflips so much? It was the pop and catch Richard had that set him apart from all the other hungry amateurs of his day. Unfortunately, as video output increased, so did the speed at which amateurs and professionals progressed. One bad injury and you were left playing catch up the rest of the crowd. Richard’s career fell short but his mark is as clear as the three black stripes on his white shoes.

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