Video Part #007

Tony Montgomery – City Skateboards Crime In The City (2007)

Tony Montgomery – City Skateboards Crime In The City (2007)

With natural talent comes elusiveness.

There are some skaters out there who just have it from the get go. Skateboarding for those rare few is like walking, breathing, clapping hands. It’s natural and flawless in execution. Unfortunately these so fortunate individuals slide into obscurity as fast as they appeared. That’s why I’m dedicating these few paragraphs to Tony Montgomery and his part in City’s Crime in The City video.

The soft spoken rap of Devin The Dude is the perfect soundscape for Tony’s nonchalant board control. A b-roll switch heelflip rides past as the opening tricks blow your mind: A backside nosegrind backside nollie heelflip out atop a picnic table and then a casual frontside 180 fakie nosegrind down a big hubba.

Tony’s got it like that. He can throw down the big tricks, he can pop high out of manuals and he can get tech on the ledges. The nollie 360 flip line is a perfect example of Tony’s dexterity and innate knowledge of what dope technical skating looks like.

Switch frontside 180 5-0 / Nollie 360 flip / Nollie heelflip frontside 5-0 / 360 flip just chilling.

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