Book III?

I have the urge to write another book.

An idea is building up in my head but it is still vague. The subject matter is fairly certain but there is no start and no finish. Even the characters have yet to be constructed.

Toying with this idea for a new book, I am weighing out different structure options in my head. How will the book read? I have one idea that seems interesting but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in anything I have read. Will it work?

This post is incredibly freugal in definitive information but part of the purpose of this post is to just put words down to best try and describe the writing process.

For starters, I have a few title ideas but I don’t want to share them here because until I have a clear vision of how the story unfolds and have actually typed a few thousand words for it, those ideas could change.

Here are some preliminary notes to see if any of my ideas for a new book stick.

Type: Fiction / Novel

Subject: Suffering and surpassing depression

Structure: Single story with chronological narrative* with possible jumps back in time for relevancy

*like the vast majority of fiction novels out there… Ha!

OR – and this is where the “new” idea comes into play

A double-sided story (Vice Versa / Yin Yang) split in two by choices made by the main character(s). Depending on the choice there are positive or negative outcomes.

With this double-sided idea, the story is built in a A1 B1 A2 B2… structure. Essentially it has the same characters but the outcomes evolve into bad situations or good situations depending. So, infact there are two stories in parallel.

Furthermore, the two sides can overlap and even switch outcomes.

I really like this structure idea, but I’m not so sure how to execute it and whether the end result will be good to read. Hmmm?

There are a few more notes but I don’t want to reveal them for fear of spoiling the book before it is even written. I just hope this post gives aspiring writers and readers a little insight into the book writing process.

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