WHY? Zered Bassett

There are some skaters who get respect. Period.

What they have done on (and off) a board puts them in a LEGEND category that few can deny.

Why is Zered Bassett so great?

To quote Kelly Hart “If you’re a skateboarder coming up, please respect who came before you.” [Timestamp: 1h46m39s]

This is what a regular kickflip looks like for Zered Bassett c/o Thrasher

Zered Bassett a.k.a. Dr. Z

Distinguishing features: 

Ambidextrous with his board. Zered is actually regular-footed but is easily mistaken for goofy-footed. Has a tendency to film multiple tricks at a single spot. True to form, an East Coast powerhouse originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. There must be something in the water over there…

Notable feats:

  • Debuted in RB Umali’s independent video Vicious Cycle with a three-song part that began with Zered putting down 12 tricks on a decent-sized 10-stair rail.
  • Despite maintaining an East Coast base, over the last 15 years, Zered has produced more than a dozen solid skate parts for sponsors and major media outlets (X-games, Berrics, Quartersnacks, AlliSports, Thrasher, Transworld…).

Career milestones:

Why is Zered important:

Zered Bassett is a true pioneer and ambassador for the generation of amateurs who came up during the golden goose era of the early 2000’s. He could skate everything with power and finesse every which way before his name was inked on a single contract. Besides from being a solid ATV on his board, Zered has always kept it in the streets and kept the footage stream flowing. His integrity and solid character have also earned him the respect of his peers which in turn has provided him with both mainstream (Redbull, Zoo York, Converse) and independent (All-Timers) sponsorship deals. More often than not skateboarders go one way or the other but not both. Again, this is evidence of Zerted’s dexterity.

Zered’s switch flip off the wall at Miami’s MLK Plaza back in 2005 has still not been topped.

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