Listen to skateboarding

Skateboarding has a distinct sound. Great tricks can sound like great songs.

You don’t even have to see the footage to know that it’s John Cardiel 50-50ing the gold rail in downtown San Francisco. The sound of his trucks clicking through each of the freshly hacked off kinks and the sheer lengthy of the grind are unique to this single trick.

Sometimes it isn’t the trick itself that sparks the listeners mental imagery. It can be the sound of those witnessing the clip. It can be background noise before or after the clip. On rare occasions it can even be when the sound of the tricks fits perfectly with the drop of the beat. All of these sounds leave indelible marks on my brain.

As a true skate nerd, I curated a short selection of sounds that are the score to some of skateboarding’s greatest tricks.

In order of play:

Thanks to all the skaters featured and the brands supporting them, notably Deluxe who feature four times in this mix.


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