Low Budget Environment

Does the world need another ‘zine?

I have been toying with the idea of doing something in print format. The idea is to create a ‘zine because everything is digital these days. I could always scan the finished copy and host it on Issuu. I often wonder what we’re going to pass on to future generations when the power goes off?

The premise of the ‘zine is to focus on the details of the stuff I love. I’d call it Low Budget Environment because there’s no money involved. Inspired by skateboarding and hip-hop, LBE gets its namesake from both cultures.

Hip-Hop has raised many of its greatest creators from low budget environments, in turn Lil’ Dap of Group Home fame coined the phrase on ‘Inna City Life’ off the Livin’ Proof album (and again on the ‘East NY Theory’ single).

Skateboarding is a life where very few manage to eat and almost everything is run on shoestring budgets. I could even take this idea to use the tagline “Picking crumbs off the cake you love”.

LBE would be a labour of love aimed at raising awareness and nerding out on the stuff only the most passionate fans would care about. The real question is would people care enough to take notice?

LBE logo Rect


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