How long will this go on?

I think wrote the first half of these lyrics directly after the Brussels terrorist attacks in 2016 when suicide bombers killed and injured many innocent people at Zaventem airport and in the metro. It might have been after the Paris attacks, or London or just about anywhere within the last 10 years… Basically the world we live in is a complex place where people are plugged into so much information but no-one is listening to what’s really being said or done. I don’t want to turn this into a rant against social media, politicians, media etc… I just came across these lyrics from a while back and decided to add a bit more to the end.

How long will this go on?

I can’t take this any longer

The invisible threat of suicide bombers

What can’t kill you makes you stronger

I was raised to understand it’s wrong to

Kill at will – It’s a bitter pill to swallow

We turn to leaders to follow

But their promises are hollow

People praying for a better tomorrow

But nobody knows what tomorrow brings

More pain and suffering without the buffering

Direct feeds to watch people bleed

They tell us technology is what we need

But I’ve got five senses

And I sense this senseless violence is provoked

Prodding at beehives like yoke

People Like it and Share it but it’s no joke

Look away from Youtube and ask the person next to you

How do you do?

You’d be surprised sitting side by side

Unaware you’re all on the same ride

Of trying to make it through life

In one piece

Why is it so difficult to achieve one love and one peace?

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