I remember the first time he reached south and felt for my womanhood. It was the middle of the day and I had just returned from an important meeting. I was dressed in a dark knee length skirt, buttoned blouse and vest. I wouldn’t consider my attire as sexy, just smart and professional. My boyfriend was on his day-off and chilling at the flat listening to music. We sat on the sofa and chatted for a bit before the preliminaries began and kisses fused our bodies together.

He ran his fingers through my hair and cupped my neck in his warm hands. I kept eyes closed and visualised his fingers run down the front of my blouse undoing the buttons to release my breasts. Like a master sculptor, he traced the lines of my silhouette and gripped my curves. The palm of his hand brushed my nipples that hardened in response. For a brief moment we looked one another in the eyes like a sign to proceed then he lowered his head and embraced my bosom with his mouth. Sucking and licking my swelling nipple, I felt his teeth press on my flesh and sighed.

With his mouth focused on my breasts, his hands travelled south to my midriff. The same hand that had released my breasts was now sliding along my tights, sliding up my skirt and homing in on my crotch. Even though I anticipated his touch, I parted my legs to greet him. With a quick flick of his wrist he had slipped through the thin veil of pantyhose and cotton panties to palm my damp pussy. I moaned as he began to rub my clit with his middle finger. His index and ring finger gently rubbed and parted my lips so that his middle finger could slip inside of me. My heart was racing and my legs began to tremble as he worked his finger in and out and applied pressure on my g-spot. His mouth didn’t miss a beat as he sucked harder on my nipples. The smell of his hair and touch of his right hand rubbing my neck had my hormones running laps.

I had masturbated alone in the past, but releasing myself to him brought a new level of passion to this intimate pastime. A second finger slipped into my gushing pussy and I pulled his body closer. His tongue left my nipple and licked my neck all the way back to my mouth. We kissed one another wildly as I felt the electric tingle of an orgasm shoot through my body. My body tensed and each final stroke of his fingers sent a pleasant shock through my system. I could sense that he loved my crotch more than me and made sure to take the best of care when playing with it.

Every good deed deserves a reward so I released his throbbing cock from his pants and went to work. I actually enjoyed the sense of power I wielded over him as I gripped his manhood in my hand. He was at my mercy and prisoner to my every move. I spat into my palm to ease my stroking and picked up the pace as I felt his breathing grow shorter and the blood pump fast and hard into his solid erection. The telltale sign of pre-cum dripping from his tip was a signal for me to finish him off with fervour. My hand gripped his cock as my thumb and finger rubbed the sensitive tip in a circular motion. It wasn’t long before the spunk would erupt like a geyser. I leant forward and kissed him with my tongue then pulled away and fed his straining erection into my mouth. He groaned as I proceeded to take the length of his shaft deep into my throat. As I pulled back and worked the tip of his cock with my tongue his penis tensed and shot a steady flow of hot spunk into my mouth. I sunk down to take him in further and felt a second stream of jizz erupt from his pulsating member. I always found it funny and cute how his body shook and trembled in ecstasy and then relaxed into post-ejaculate bliss as I slowly slipped his cock out of my mouth, careful not to let his juices stain my skirt. I swallowed and smiled. We both giggled and snuggled next to one another on the sofa.

In the background a skit from Biggie’s Ready to die album played where the rapper coerced a young lady into satisfying him orally. Her words would ring out in my head: “You know I don’t be doing this…” Well she did. Ha!

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