Lookin’ handsome in our Helle Hansens

Thirty six years of age

Starin’ at this blank page

I just wanna say ‘Wassup!’

To all my friends from back in the day

Some of us were rich

Some of us were poor

None of us gave a shit

All we wanted from life was more

Slumber parties wake up on the floor

Parents kicking us out the door

Before we raided the fridge

Got the munchies for your biscuits

Just kids livin’ this life for free

Little did we know how hard this life could be

If you didn’t pay attention

Spending more time in detention

Than concentrating on those grades

We were F-this and F-that

Ignorant to the significance of straight A’s

Watching skate videos  and listening to mixtapes


Studyin’ the slang of Mobb Deep and Wu Tang Clan

It would be untrue to say gang life was something we knew

Even though we liked to act tough with our little crew

Lookin’ handsome in our Helle Hansens

Kickin’ back in class whilst all the other kids advancin’


To bigger and better things

We traded college halls for concrete walls

Painted by graffiti kings

Hours spent in the streets

Claiming allegiance to the underground

Then at night we’d creep home

To sleep in our flats Uptown

Life was so easy back then

If I had to do it I’d do it again

Same flow, same clothes, same trends

I dedicate these memories to all my friends

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