The sound of Julien Stranger grinding a curb

I’ve pretty much retired myself from the physical aspect of skateboarding but I still love skateboarding. The other day a thought crossed my mind that reminded me why skateboarding is rad and only the people who have ridden a board will truly understand: Julien Stranger grinding a curb.

Julien Stranger is a skateboarder’s favourite skateboarder because he keeps things straight forward and lets his skating do the talking. Julien skates everything – fast. Watching him roll demonstrates an energy that very few possess. The hill can be steep, the ledge long or the transition vertical and Julien hits it hard regardless.

With the power of his push, Julien doesn’t need wax. The sound of his trucks grinding through concrete is like a battle cry that screams in your ears and twists your gut. The weakness in your knees is countered by adrenaline pumping through your heart to push harder and faster than ever before in a bid to imitate an individual that cannot be copied.

The video below documents five minutes of Julien Stranger skateboarding.

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