J-Love – Nas’ Finest

Nas is undoubtably one of the greatest emcees to ever lend his voice to the microphone so when a mixtape surfaces with 90 minutes of his lyrics it’s a certified banger. Fellow Queensbridge representative J-Love let’s everyone know who wears the crown in the QBC with the Nas’ Finest tape. Classic joints (e.g. NY State of Mind) from Nas’ 5-mic debut album Illmatic, deft lyricism (e.g. I gave you power) from his critically acclaimed second album It was written, hot b-sides (e.g. On the real), exclusive remixes and more fill this mixtape end to end. Keep your ears open for the rare alternative versions of It Aint hard to Tell on each side under the titles Nas will Prevail and Deja Vu. I don’t think I’ve heard either of these tracks anywhere else – ever!

I can’t post something about Nas without giving a few examples of his stellar lyrics:

On NY State of Mind
I’ve taken rappers to a new plateau, through rap slow
My rhymin’ is a vitamin held without a capsule
The smooth criminal on beat breaks
Never put me in your box if your shit eats tapes

On I gave you power
Besides me it’s bullets, two vests and then a nine
There’s a grenade in a box, and that tech that kept crying
Cause he ain’t been cleaned in a year he’s rusty, it’s clear
He’s bout to fall to pieces cause of his murder career

On Verbal Intercourse
Live on the run, police paying me to give in my gun
Trick my wisdom with the system that imprisoned my son
Smoke a gold leaf I hold heat, nonchalantly
I’m raunchy, the things I do is real it never haunts me

On Calm down
All the way doooooown
Music make these thuuuugs…calm down
Music make these thugs calm down
Music make these thuuuugs…calm down

The only letdown on this mixtape is J-Love’s less than inspired scratches that don’t do the music justice. Major props to J-Love for putting out this incredible body of work by Nas but sometimes it’s best to let the rapper do the talking and everyone else should sit back and listen.

Side A

Life is like a dice game
Eye for an eye feat Raekwon and Mobb Deep
NY state of mind
I gave you power
Nas will prevail
The message
Number 1 with a bullet feat. Kool G Rap and White Boy
Fast Life (remix) feat. Kool G Rap
One love
Understanding feat. Biz Markie and AZ
Rhymes Cash Weed Cars

Side B

Deja Vu
It ain’t hard to tell
Verbal Intercourse feat. Raekwon and Ghostface Killah
On the real feat. Cormega
Just another day in the projects
One love (remix) feat. Sadat X
Give it up fast feat. Mobb Deep
The world is yours
Silent murder
Shoot outs
Live at the BBQ feat. Akinyele, Pete Nice and Large Professor
Life’s a bitch feat. AZ
Calm down feat. Tragedy Khadafi and Noreaga

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