Chapter XXIV Skatebags

Chapter XXIV is a small independent brand that’s released a couple of bags made from tough camouflage material. One is a tote bag with the Wu tang symbol emblazoned on the side and the other is a drawstring duffel bag to carry your skateboard in. Or your swords if you’re a martial artist like myself. Or your dirty laundry…

I first heard about Chapter XXIV when the owner and designer posted up the news of his new creations on a British skateboard forum under the name Crackaollie. Like most people trying to push their latest product to the anonymous masses, he got a bit of flak but weathered the storm, took in some constructive criticism and aimed to do even better. A couple of months passed and Crackaollie resurfaced with a competition to win one of his camouflage skate bags. All you needed to do was write why you deserved the bag in rhyme. One forumer entered with some hot bars, but I thought I’d even out the competition and throw a few of my own rhymes into the comp. It turns out Crackaollie couldn’t decide and announced a draw. Thanks to my rhymes below, a Chapter XXIV skatebag was on it’s way from Latvia to me.

Word on the street it’s double X – I – V
Got the hottest product drop since the first Palace tee
I’ve got 24 reasons to want a skatebag this season
But it’s mainly to support a product I believe in
Don’t read between the lines as I deliver these rhymes
With the voice in your head thinking “Damn! Where’s mine?”
Crackaoliie came to the game with a whole new chapter
On functional fashion items with more than the x-Factor
Durable skatebags in camo print for your back
Doper than bum bags or the nineties knap sack
You don’t need speakers bells or whistles to get noticed at the spot
All I need is my Chapter 24 for my board ‘cos you know that shit is hot!

As a skateboarder but also as a cyclist, I’ve tried a few different skatebags in my time. Sometimes the bin liner and shoe string don’t cut it. I’ve had a volcom backpack with two velcro straps that was pretty useless; I’ve had a cheap zip up bag from Russia where the strap broke; and I’ve even got the Eastpak skatebag that’s pretty sturdy but has one major design flaw which is that the bag sits straight along your back so you can’t lean your head back – a big problem if you’re riding a bike to the spot.


So, what does the Chapter XXIV skate bag have that the others don’t? It’s light weight and completely waterproof. I ran mine with the board inside under the tap and the water slipped straight off without a hint of damp. It’s made of (recycled?) camouflage material that’s can take some wear and tear and match your camo pants that are in fashion these days. It has a single thick adjustable strap to carry the board diagonally across your back – avoiding any restriction to head movement, and it has a handle on the side for quick grabbing. Finally it’s got a decent sized pocket on the front with popper buttons to stash your wax / tool / weed / … I might just add that the board I’m riding is a bit of a beast at 8.5″ wide for 32.5″ long with 65mm wheels. The board fits inside and that’s what counts.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Chapter XXIV skatebag (or Wu tang tote bag), check out their Etsy page here:

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