DJ Juice – Volume 33

J-U-Ice! Before DJ Juice got famous for his audiovisual mix and blend production he had a strong mixtape game that always came correct in balancing out the rap music with a little R&B flavour. Volume 33 is no exception with artists like Mona Lisa and R. Kelly getting their shine alongside the likes of Mobb Deep and Redman. There are also some wicked remixes featured in this 90-minute playlist: Gina Thompson’s The things you do featuring Raekwon and Xzibit’s Eyes May Shine featuring Mobb Deep are among my favourites.

Speaking of Mobb Deep, the Queensbridge duo had just released their critically acclaimed third album Hell On Earth not long before the January 1997 release of DJ Juice’s Volume 33. The Infamous Mobb weren’t the only rappers releasing new material that year with Def Squad members Redman and Keith Murray also dropping solo albums. So was Foxy Brown, Puff Daddy and a handful of others. 1997 was the year Hip Hop had established itself as a leader in mainstream music choice with big bucks rolling in every which way. To be honest, I also found 1997 to be the tipping point where the money started to spoil the game. With lyrics filling up with bling and bravado, the recording booth wasn’t big enough for some egos and pretty soon rappers thought their talent extended to the production booth too which made for a general drop quality of the beats they put out.

Personal opinions aside, DJ Juice came correct with Volume 33 and highlighted some of the better sounds to blast out of speakers that season.

Side A

Just the way – Alfonzo Hunter
The things you do (DJ Juice remix) – Raekwon / Gina Thompson / Mr. Mike Nitty / Craig Mack
The lover in you (DJ juice remix) – Babyface / LL Cool J
Get up (remix) – Lost Boyz
Ill na na – Foxy Brown / Method Man
1969 Old Shit – James Brown / Marva Wright
Eyes may shine (remix) – Xzibit / Mobb Deep
Do what you feel – Redman / Method Man
It’s in the game (NFL Jams) – Method Man
It’s all about the benjamins – Puff Daddy / The Lox
GOD part 3 (DJ Juice remix) – Mobb Deep
Soopaman Luva 3 – Redman
God don’t like ugly – OGC
Outro – Pink Panther

Side B 

Phone sex part 1 – Juice 97
Street dreams (DJ Juice remix) – Nas / R. Kelly
You should know (DJ Juice remix) – Donell Jones
Come see me (remix) – 112
Can’t nobody hold me down – Puff Daddy / Mase
Whateva man – Erick Sermon / Redman
Hot to def – Keith Murray
Not tonight – Lil’Kim
Blood sport – Mobb Deep
You said (DJ Juice remix) – Mona Lisa
Like it like that part 1 freestyle – Tracy Lee
Leave your style cramped – PMD
Make it hot – McGruff
All pro – Big Noyd / Mobb Deep
Just the way you like it – Mase / Tasha
Outro 97 – Jeopardy

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