DJ S&S – Fuck Everybody

DJ S&S seems like one of those boisterous party DJs that can’t help himself but set the levels to maximum and proceed to scream into the microphone between songs. It’s a not a style everyone appreciates, but S&S also has a deep crate of vinyl and knows what’s hot and what’s not to get the party jumping. Released pretty much one year after Christopher Wallace’s untimely death, Fuck Everybody is heavy on Notorious BIG tracks with the ten entries spread across the 90 minute mixtape. Biggie fans, this one’s for you.

Biggie aside, there are some other tracks were hitting rewind for on this tape. Mobb Deep’s incredibly raw lesson on sexual relations with young girls Young Luv is the soundtrack to every father’s worst fears. KRS One, Redman and Angie Martinez rekindle the freestyle cyphas of yesteryear with the Heartbeat remix. Finally, DJ S&S includes two unsigned artists on Fuck Everybody. I don’t think either of these rappers hit the big time but it’s cool to see S&S extending a hand to the hungry underground rappers.

Side A

10 crack commandments – BIG
Kick in the door – BIG
Keep your hands high – Tracey Lee / BIG
We get down – Rampage
True Lies – Mobb Deep
Crime Connection – Mobb Deep / Cormega
So hot! – BBO (Unsigned artist)
I got a story to tell – BIG
Soul 4 Real – Jay-Z
You can get it – Heavy D / Lost Boyz
Young Luv – Mobb Deep
Another man – BIG / Lil’ Kim
Reef rebel Joint – Unsigned artist

Side B

Love is all you need – Mary J. Blige / Nas
Round and round – Mary J. Blige
Fuck you tonight – BIG / R. Kelly
You’re not a killer – Big Pun
Come to the party – KRS One
Last Day – BIG / The Lox
Can’t hold me down (remix) – Puff daddy / Mase
Queens thing – Royal Flush / Lost Boyz
Heartbeat (remix) – KRS One / redman / Angie Martinez
Deja Vu – Money Boss Players
Interlude – BIG
Do your thing – Biz Markie / Puff Daddy
Freestyle – BIG
Nasty boy – BIG
Wanted dead or alive (remix) – Tupac / Snoop Dogg

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