DJ Clue? – Show Me The Money

I wouldn’t use DJ Clue as a reference for cutting and scratching, but when it comes to dropping exclusive tracks one after the other, he’s your man. DJ Clue caught the wave of mainstream appeal that Hip Hop enjoyed during the mid-Nineties and rode it all the way to the bank by delivering multiple mixtapes featuring the hottest artists on the block and getting busy with said artists in the production booth. The Queensbridge local already had strong ties to the QBC (Mobb Deep, Tragedy Khadafi, Iman Thug, Nas, CNN, Cormega etc) but also made tight bonds with the Bad Boy squad (Notorious BIG, Junior Mafia, Mase, The Lox etc) which certified his status as a DJ to listen to. DJ Clue Show Me The Money is a perfect example of Clue screaming like Jerry Macguire that it was time to get paid!


An example of what made people track down and cop this tape was the inclusion of not one but two unreleased tracks off Notorious BIG’s posthumous album Life After Death. Hynotize and Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems (Listed as I’m Coming Out following the use of Diana Ross’ sample and proof that this was a very exclusive track yet to be released to the world) were both huge hits in the clubs that year. Another thing you want to listen for on Show Me The Money are The Lox who were at the top of their game in the early months of 1996. It’s a real shame the Yonkers trio later split up and never regrouped properly never received the acclaim they deserved. It wouldn’t be a Clue tape if there weren’t a few wicked freestyles featured too. Firm affiliate Nature gets his time to shine on Mobb Deep’s Young Love instrumental (listed as Top of Queens Bridge) and Mase and Jay-Z blow everyone away with their suave lyricism.

DJ Clue Show Me The Money is testament to the hype Hip Hop was creating during the mid-Nineties and the success it was starting to enjoy. Hood rats were paying attention to the Jay-Z’s street gospel just as much as teenage girls were dancing away to Mase’s whisper. There was something for everyone and everyone loved Hip Hop. Clue was there to capture the scene and deliver it on audio cassette for your listening pleasure.

Side A (For da niggaz)

Lox Freestyle Intro – Back 2 Back
Nature Freestyle – The Top Of Queen Bridge
Hypnotize – Notorious BIG
Krush On You (RMX) – Lil Kim f/Cease
Love or Lust – Casino, MO Money, Genovese, Richie Thumbs, the Lox
The Case – Foxy Brown & 4 Dolo
Well, Well, Well – The Lox f/Casino
Dead Or Alive – Pt.2 – Jay Z f/ Sauce Money
Jay Z & Sauce Money Freestyle
I’m Comin Out – Notorious BIG f/ Mase & Puff Daddy
Follow My Lead – Buckshot
Top Of NY – Capone & Noreaga f/Tragedy
Dead man Walking – Cormega
Wild For The Night – Rampage f/ Busta Rhymes
Pronto – Cru

Side B (For da ladies)

Mase Freestyle
Head Over Heals(Acapella) -Allure & Nas b/w I’m Not feelin You – Yvette Michelle
Love Is All We Need – Mary J. Blige f/ Nas
Give You All I Got – Allure f/Raekwon
Everyday(RMX) – Darkside
After All – Mo Money f/Mase Murder
Genovese Thesis – Genovese f/ The Lox
1+1 – Large Professor f/ Nas
Illuminati – Tragedy Khadafi f/ Iman Thug
Heartbeat – KRS One f/ Redman, Angie Martinez (Hot 97)
Rock da spot – Redman
Buck ain’t no joke – Buckshot
Who you wit – Jay-Z
Move it in, Move it out – Derelict Camp

3 thoughts on “DJ Clue? – Show Me The Money

    1. I stand corrected. I just got the impression that they seemed to focus on their own solo projects a lot more.

  1. Okay my man shit you uploaded the clearest show me the money i ever heard since 97

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