Listening to MF Doom instrumentals

When you’re unemployed it’s very easy to slip into the rhythm of doing nothing all day – or at least nothing of any great significance. Combine this with some writer’s block and you have a recipe for disaster. Thankfully I tracked down an instrumental track by producer-extraordinaire MF Doom entitled ‘Benzoin Gum‘ which I had first heard mixed to Wade Fyfe’s skating in the Studio Skateboards masterpiece ‘Moodlighting‘. The beat, the samples and the mood worked so well together. Anyway, I tracked the music down as one of many piece’s that composed MF Doom’s ‘Special Herbs’ compilations. Multiple volumes of dope beats to listen to. The instrumentals kickstarted my brain into action, so when I woke up this morning – unemployed – I decided to scribble down some lines instead of heading online as I would normally do. It’s crazy what a little inspiration can do for your day.

Woke up this morning – yawning

The day’s dawning

Just hope it won’t be another boring sequence of events

Spent doing daily chores

Surf the internet then head over to the store

What’s for dinner tonight?

Yet another pizza

I can’t seem t’ eat right

My five a day are five cans of beer

Those carrots have been sitting in the fridge for a year

Yeah, carpe diem seize the day

All I do is watch mine fade away

It’s strange ‘cos I used to to be pretty active

Thanks to Youtube my index finger sees all the action

You see that video with the cats an’..?

It’s like the older I get the dumber I get

I need to make an effort to disconnect

Step away from computer

Don’t become another commuter on the information highway

Look outside for once, meet real people, come clean

Like Jeru the Damaja

I’ve done enough damage here

To my brain and motivation

Listening to MF Doom breaks is the intervention I needed to break the cycle

Now I’m hyped to write rhymes again

The next generation can’t click through this

The truth is a man needs to combine body and mind to travel through time

As long as I concentrate on mine

Everything will be fine

What’s the time?

Clock reads quarter past ten

Look how much I got done with this pad and this pen!

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