It’s been a long time

I’ve been a fan of Hip Hop and rap music since I was a kid. Combined with my love of writing, it wasn’t long before I put pen to paper and had a go at writing my own lyrics. It was a fun hobby that had me thinking bout rhymes, syllables and rhythm. The furthest I ever took my passion was recording a single take mixtape in my friend’s basement and grabbing the mic at a few parties or radio stations. Good times. I’ve still got a thick pile of notepads and papers filled with my words from back then. The following transcription is an example. Following review, a few words might be altered to improve flow.

Yo, it’s been a long time since I last dropped a rhyme

But sometimes you need time to just clear your mind

Now I’ve gone from Tashe to Tah-Shee to Gemini*

Because there are gems in me

No average MC, I mean killer MC could ever see

Hear, taste, touch or smell

I’ve got three billion brain cells and a lot of stories to tell

Be it at home, on the phone or sitting alone

I spit gold from my dome too many cats’ll wanna clone

N’ it ain’t worth sayin’ you like my style cos there’s a snake’s tongue behind that smile

Before you know it you’re standing trial

Tryin to battle the lyrical judge and jury

I’m so sick you couldn’t cure me

While I’m speaking fire and fury

I keep a Tony Toca tape in my locker

Play it a party n’ the party gets hotter

* Tashe was my graffiti name which I changed to Tah-Shee when I rapped. Gemini is in reference to my astrological star sign but I never used it as a rap name in the end.

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