Digital Peel


I just came across this new montage hailing from Manchester, England. Digital Peel has a very real and gritty feel about it that is bound to give a skateboarder the urge to have a roll around. Endorsed by independent skate shop Note, this gets my approval.

Here’s the details Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V’d from the video description:

About a month ago Keanu found an old Samsung Hi 8 ‘Dad Cam’ in his Nana’s wardrobe, it was practically brand new and only used a few times around 20 years ago. we rigged up a fisheye from Nathan Wrigley and a light and skated through the tropical weather of Manchester in december. After a few weeks we had gathered a few ground breaking street stunts from the likes of

Keanu Robson
Leo Macdonald
Sam Bottenberg
Jay Johnson
The infamous Lil’ Pun
Nathan Wrigley
Louie Ferreira
Paddy Gomulski
John Bell
Tom Day
Danny Mccourt
Joe Roberts
Jay Stone
Ben Rowles

Sit back and enjoy the rawness of DIGITAL PEEL.

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