Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 2

In all my career of writing for skateboard media, the articles that I have spent the most time composing are skate video reviews. The reason behind this is that I’m a real skate rat who can’t get enough of them (even if the onslaught of the YouTube era has dampened a lot of the thrill); and videos are the biggest sales tool the industry has when they want to shift units.

So, Nike SB (that stands for Skate Boarding BTW) just released their second in a series of videos entitled Chronicles. As a skateboarder with more than 25 years of riding under his belt, I can honestly say I’ve seen Nike try and try again to pierce the skateboard industry. I have also seen the skateboard community fight the sporting goods giant on numerous occasions. It’s a never ending pissing contest between the core and the corporate demographic. Anyway, opinions aside Nike’s latest video was pretty good and deserved some recognition so I wrote a review for my buddy Zac over at Caught in the Crossfire.

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