Zero Cold War

I just had a review published over on my friend Zac’s website Caught In The Crossfire. It was my humble opinion of the new Zero Skateboards video Cold War. I remember the first time I saw the second Zero video Misled Youth back in 1999. My friend and now infamous lensman Fred Mortagne brought a VHS copy back from the States where he had been travelling and introduced the 30 minute tape as something very special. Balls to the wall skateboard stunts filmed as close to the action as possible using the latest skate media technology, a trusty Sony VX1000 camera with a Century Fisheye lens. I was blown away and quickly identified myself with this small squad of dare devils. I was never a very technical skater anyways, so the idea of hurling myself off flights of stairs and the like sounded right up my street. Eventually age and injury got the best of me and I had to step away from this breakneck approach to skateboarding. When I watched the latest Zero video Cold War the other day I felt like it was 1999 all over again but this time the riders were getting even crazier on their boards. Zero really embodies the stunt man mentality of skateboarding where it’s make or break all of the time. Thankfully, the boss Jaime Thomas and his fellow team mates know what they’re doing and do it well so it actually looks a lot easier than it is. There are no epic dialogues, or super high definition shots of helicopters swooping over mountain ranges in this video. It’s just a crew of close friends getting gnarly for their trusty VX camera. Check it out.

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