Recently went to Norway on a business trip – Oslo to be exact. I’ve always wanted to visit this country, and even if it was brief and limited to the capital, it was good fun. Here are a few things I can confirm about Norway:
– It’s expensive, like 85€ for a rounds of drinks expensive.
– In November the sun disappears around 4pm so daily life is brought forward by a few hours compared to mainland Europe. In other words, work finishes around 4pm, dinner’s served from 6pm and it’s light out by 9pm.
– It’s cold in November but bearable. Don’t forget to pack a hat and gloves.
– The ladies weren’t all blonde. The guys weren’t all metal heads.
– …

Here’s some pictures, notably of the Sculpture garden which is worth a visit (Side note: 20% of Oslo is concrete and glass, the remaining 80% is green spaces). It’s full of sculptures depicting the journey through life for men and women with the ups, downs and boring bits included. Very expressive and impressive.
There are also a couple of photos taken at an exhibition at the Nobel Peace Prize Museum on the topic of global eating habits. the two pictures show the extreme ends of the spectrum where a family from the Darfur Region of Tchad rely solely on emergency rations for the week, whilst an American family literally stuffs themselves with everything except fruit or veg. Oh, and most of it’s processed too. Yummy!
Finally there are a couple shots of skate spots.

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