I love Hip-Hop culture. Back in the day I immersed myself fully into writing and performing rap lyrics. I was young and it was fun. I can’t pinpoint the very first rap song that got me hooked but the art of emceeing has fascinated by it’s dexterity with words, metaphors and rhymes. I appreciate plenty of other genres of music, but Rap music takes the cake.

Rap music released between 191 and 1996 was a golden era for me personally, but I remember the day everything changed was when Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs released his solo album No Way Out. That album signalled the end of an era for me because the lyrics were no longer speaking to me. I totally respect Puffy for everything he’s done for Hip-Hop and rap music and I don’t think his rhymes are that bad, but the subject matter and self-absorbed megalomania that his rap career embodies is a step too far for me from the originators who built a movement that acts as a voice for so many young people. So yeah, No Way Out signalled me hanging up the mic and focussing on other things.

There has been a recent revival in underground rappers bringing back the scene to what I remember with rose-tinted glasses and that has got me hyped to start paying more attention again. I hope that this renaissance signals the end of the god-awful club anthem rap music that has been polluting the airwaves over the last few years. Just for the hell of it, I put pen to paper to see if I could still construct a legitimate verse some 15 years since my last rhyme.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a victory lap /
I’ve already been around the track / now I’m bringin it back

Click to read Connected and Victory Lap.

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