With newly acquired free time, I took a minute to review a video by friends for a friend. I always find reviews superficial because it’s entirely personal. One man’s Van Gogh is another man’s headache. A particularity about reviewing skate videos today is that there’s no point in listing the various tricks and stunts featured within for the simple reason that most videos are illegally downloaded less than 24 hours after their release. Back in the golden era of skateboard movies, the reviewer had the privileged task of previewing a film and then divulging on it’s content at their own discretion. For the reader, you were being fed tantalising teasers where words were only the tip of the iceberg. You understood that so-and-so had done somethingorother at a spot, but the anticipation of actually watching the footage was palpable. Anyway, those days are long gone (Thanks Internet!), so I try to focus on the fact that the guys behind the video are good guys, great skaters and worth your support.

The doctor recommends an occasional Antiz flashback for every skateboard addict!

Click here to read Antiz “Occasional Antiz Flashback” review


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