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I’m starting to lose count of the number of blogs I have created, but I think I’ll stick with this one for now. Focusing on my curriculum vitae, First Name Ralph should be a one stop shop for people who want to find out where I’m from, where I’ve been and maybe where I’m heading.
On the subject of CVs, a friend of mine sent me an article entitled, “The Resume Is Dead, The Bio Is King”. The general gist of the piece is that it’s better to take future employers on a journey with you, and not stick to basics. I can’t say if I agree with this stance, but it could definitely help human resource people dream a bit more.
Finally, I also helped the same friend with a biography of sorts for his art show. Instead of a basic CV stating the obvious, he asked me to write a story and invent a character with a past and a present to represent the artist: Runy. Runy is in fact a collaboration between my friend and a photographer. One takes pictures whilst the other draws over them. Following his brief, I let my imagination run and imagined who Runy could be and why he created such pieces of art.

‘Runy’s earliest memories date back to his 4th birthday where a table stacked with plastic figurines of knights in shining armour and dragons was laid out for him under the warm June sunlight of suburbia.’

Click here to read Runy’s biography.

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